Voice of the Customer Solutions for Online Marketing Companies

Several solutions can be used to understand Voice Of The Customers. Online Surveys is one of the VOC tools for collecting feedback, suggestions and opinions in a structured format from your customers. Here is an overview of voice of the customer solutions employed by organizations, specifically those who focus on inbound marketing and online marketing strategies. But with the social media onslaught, who is not focusing on online marketing nowadays?

Whether you are SMB or a larger organization, one or more of these solutions can be leveraged. Also, both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) centric organizations will benefit when these solutions are used effectively.

Why Understand Voice Of The Customer

VOC strategies are centered around listening to the customers and improving products and services. Here are the reasons / benefits:

  • Listen to the complaints / praises / suggestions
  • Improve Quality of Customer Service
  • Enhance Product features and processes
  • Engage the customer constantly
  • Retain existing customers for longer time
  • Improve revenue by reducing service cost / product cost
  • Measure customer experience
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Identify new product / service opportunities

Voice of Customer Solutions

The following solutions / channels can be used to understand voice of the customers:

Listen to Social Media Channels

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are great sources to listen to to your customers’ voice. There are several tools available in the market place to listen to the (buzz and chatter on) social media channels; some are to be manually monitored; some provides lot of automation. For example, TweetDeck can be used to follow twitter channels using keywords or tags. Twitter website itself can be used to search keywords related to your brand or business.

Tools such as Google Alerts and Social Mention can also be leveraged to listen to the blogosphere and the social media websites. Automated, feature rich tools such Radian6 can be used by large organizations and brands.

Online Surveys Software for Customer Feedback

Use an Online Surveys Software tool such as LeadPro Survey Builder to collect structured feedback and suggestions from your customers. Customer Satisfaction Feedback Surveys provide a wealth of information about customers’ likes, dislikes and issues.

Website Feedback Surveys can be created and deployed in minutes with online surveys tool. Deploy short, well designed surveys on your website to hear insights, feedback and experience from website visitors. You may use fixed survey links or pop-up surveys based on the requirements.

Leverage Facebook Surveys on Fan Pages

Facebook Surveys are simply website surveys but deployed on your Facebook profile or business / fan / brand pages. Your Facebook fans (both customers and non-customer / prospects) can be requested to visit the fan pages and respond to the survey. The online survey tool can be leveraged to conduct survey research with your fans.

Survey Invitations via Twitter

Twitter can also be used as a medium for delivering survey invitations to your customers. For example, you may not have the email address or contact information for your customers in the consumer (B2B) segment. In such instances, Twitter will be of great help. You can create a separate survey response data collector for this purpose and tweet the link to your twitter followers.

Other Feedback Mechanisms

There are other feedback mechanisms to collect voice of the customer. Tools such as UserVoice, Skribit, GetSatisfaction and IdeaScale could be used to collect opinions, suggestions, complaints and praises from the customers. Your online forums and industry blogs will also be great sources to listen to your customers’ voice.

Hence, there are variety of tools and strategies available for online marketers and organizations to collect, analyze and act on Voice of the Customers. You may pick and choose strategies and tools depending on your business requirements and affordability. Let us dig deep into some of these VOC strategies and solutions in future articles.

In the meantime, checkout the Online Survey Builder tool from Leadpro 24|7 by requesting a free signup. You can start with a short survey design and deployment and see how fast you can start understanding VOC.

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