Using Facebook Social Network for Survey Participants in Market Research

Facebook has over 500 million members and still growing at a phenomenal pace. Web users spend more time on Facebook than on Google. Facebook Advertising is also taking off in a big way. As a market researcher or marketing organization looking for survey participants (or survey panel members), how can you leverage Facebook for market research?

Facebook Surveys

Facebook Surveys has already become a great attraction for market researchers. However, displaying a link for the survey or inserting a survey tab on your Facebook fan pages (also known as brand pages) alone will not bring in a lot of responses. Unless you have tons of fans visiting your business pages, the survey response rate will be quite low. Then how do you get new Facebook fans or respondents to participate in the survey?

Facebook Advertising for Recruiting Survey Participants

As mentioned Facebook Advertising is gaining traction among businesses. There are two primary reasons why Facebook advertising is attractive.

  1. Ultra Specific Targeting: Since Facebook has complete profile information of the users, you can target your ads to specific demographics (including male / female, location, age group, etc.). This is much more powerful than Google Adwords, because keywords are primary target criteria.
  2. Facebook Advertising is Cheap: It is much cheaper than Google, at least of now. Hence you can get traffic for pennies a click for many segments and demographics.

Driving Traffic to Surveys

There are multiple ways of including the Survey Links in Facebook. You can one or more ways depending on your specific business case.

You may include a posting with Survey URL link on the Facebook fan pages. This will help organic traffic landing on your fab pages clicking on the link to participate in the survey research.

You may include the Survey URL Link (obtained from the Survey Builder software) in the Facebook advertisement. Facebook users who click on the advertisement will be directed to the survey page in a separate browser window.

You may create a separate tab on your Facebook business / fan page for the survey and embed the survey on the page itself.

Survey Best Practices for Facebook

The survey best practices applicable for other deployment targets will also apply to Facebook. Here is a recap:

  • Design the survey questionnaire keeping the target audience in mind.
  • Keep the survey questionnaire short with concise and clear questions and choices.
  • Inform the participants clearly about the objective / purpose of the survey and how the results will be used.
  • Incentivise the respondents; but clear about it upfront.
  • Do not collect Facebook profile information; if required, ask questions and get it explicitly

You may use LeadPro247 Online Survey Builder to build online surveys that can be deployed on Facebook for conducting market research / marketing research and recruiting panel members and survey participants.

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Katherine Vinson October 4, 2011 at 5:03 pm

I’m interested in recruiting panel members for online research. My understanding is that I can use LeadPro247 Online Survey Builder along with Facebook Advertising to recruit my panel members, is that correct? Is it possible to collect names and contact information from respondents?

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