How to Setup Static FBML App as a Tab on Facebook Page for Survey Linking

In addition to posting your Survey Link on the wall page of your Facebook Fan page (used by businesses, brands and organizations), a separate tab can be created by adding a Static FBML Application and customizing the page using FBML (Facebook Markup Language) with embedded survey link. The entire process of adding the Static FBML App, updating the tab name and contents should not take more than a few minutes. The tab with the survey information and response collector link can be made as the default landing page, when fans / visitors visit the business page.

Static FBML Application

Facebook has created a basic Static FBML application which can be added to a page and customized. The app can then be set as a tab on the face book page. A detailed how-to article / guide has been posted on the LeadPro24|7 Product blog on setting up Static FBML application and customizing the tab on Facebook page with Online Survey Link.

Static FBML Tab Page View with LeadPro247 Online Survey Link

Important Note – Facebook Updates

Facebook is changing the way Static FBML app is used and implemented on pages. Earlier “iframe” can be used to embed the survey and other contents inside the Facebook Static FBML page; however this feature is not supported any more. In order to embed your page, you need to create an iframe canvas application ( not static FBML application). Even this is undergoing changes and hence watch out for more updates from Facebook on this subject.

Please check the recent Facebook Platform Roadmap Update post on Facebook website. Several changes are expected to be implemented in the next couple of quarters.

Social Media Surveys

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are increasingly used by businesses and market research (MR) agencies for conducting consumer oriented surveys. Consumer Surveys need large number of survey participants and that’s where Facebook fan pages setup by corporates, brands and other organizations can help. Instead of buying panel members and services, you can leverage your own fans on the Facebook to respond to the surveys.

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